Protests in São Paulo: have we unlearned to dream?


“These youngsters who are taking the streets and who are facing the reality with eyes wide open bother because they break windows and buses and they paralyze the traffic. But they bother even more because they make us look inside our own lives and, at this moment, we realize that we have unlearned to dream.” Free translation, original text from André Borges Lopes, available here: http://www.advivo.com.br/node/1400276.

This extract was taken from a text in which André Borges Lopes, a Brazilian journalist, shows his arguments in favor of the protests against the bus fares in São Paulo. I share his opinion and I cite his text because it made me realize that we, not only Brazilians, but citizens of the world, have unlearned to dream – and if I am allowed to add – to fight for a better future.

Most people tend to believe that taking the streets, and spreading the word through the internet, will not make a difference, that such action is a waste of time: how will we know if we don’t even try? This protest in São Paulo started under the motive of bus fares, but now people are gathered in order to call for a better quality of living, to argue with the local government and to demand their rights: this is a democratic country and this is what we should always do when we are dissatisfied with the conditions that are provided to us.

I am not pro violence and I do think we should all solve our problems using pacific methods; unfortunately and apparently the police is receiving orders to do it otherwise – maybe to defocus the attention to the lack of planning from the government side – and the proportions are being enlarged, wounding innocent people, which is quite sad news.

I love my city, as I have already stated in a previous post. São Paulo has a lot of problems, but it also has good things to offer both to its inhabitants as to foreigners. The time to demand positive changes has arrived and this protest is just the tip of the iceberg. May we all re-learn to dream and to fight for a better future. It’s never easy, though.

I support the pacific and legitimate protests in São Paulo (be it online or in person) because I want a city with better conditions to live in. A city that has a lot of potential, we just need to adjust a few things.

//This post, which was written in June/2013, already expresses the empowerement of the independent media, demonstrating my own opinion about the protest that started in São Paulo, ending in the #VemPraRua movement, all over Brazil.


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