Summary: Migration

Summary from an article.

Migration is an escalating issue in the developed world. Governments from those countries believe that migration is a concern both in social and economic matters. Although severe policies are being established and xenophobic attitudes are being spread throughout, studies say that migrants help improve countries’ economies.

Social security is one of the problems faced by governments, due to the fact that they supposedly have to spend more money on migrants than on their own nationals. In this regard, pressure from society generates xenophobia, and governments therefore are pushed to create stricter policies. Besides, in an economic basis, migrants are able to undertake hard work, which combined with low wages makes overall earnings drop, generating discontent to great part of the society. Although neither of the above is proved to be true, it is the main argument stated by governments.
Yet, migration can be constructive. One example is the cross-culutral relationships, which help companies understand the way foreigners think, improving business deals. Moreover, the financial transactions between migrant workers and their relatives in the origin countries are means to improve  people’s quality of life. Lastly, migrants who seek education overseas often come back to their homeland so to continue their careers nationally, something that is good for both themselves and their own country.

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