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5 forms of cooperation between the UN and Regional Organizations


The United Nations does not work alone to maintain peace and security in the world. The cooperation between the United Nations and Regional Organizations are very important to promote dialogue, provide support and deploy joint actions in the world. The urge for cooperation started with the constant change in the globe during and after the Cold War.

In light of the changes and of the dialogue promotion, the United Nations has used 5 forms of cooperation with Regional Organizations. According to the document entitled “SUPPLEMENT TO AN AGENDA FOR PEACE: POSITION PAPER OF THE SECRETARY-GENERAL ON THE OCCASION OF THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE UNITED NATIONS”, the forms of cooperation are listed in chapter 86, as follows:

  1. Consultations:

This form of cooperation can be either formal, with the creation of agreements and general agreements by the General Assembly, or informal. According to the Paper, the purpose of this method usage “is to exchange views on conflicts that both the United Nations and the regional organization may be trying to solve.”

  1. Diplomatic Support

The diplomatic support is an exchange of support. In the same way that Regional Organizations help the peacemaking process of the United Nations, the United Nations can also offer help to Regional Organizations.

  1. Operational Support

Different from the Diplomatic Support, which provides dialogue in peacemaking processes, the Operational Support offers the hard power needed sometimes by the United Nations. The example of this form of cooperation is the case of NATO’s air power to support UN’s Protection Force in former Yugoslavia. On the other hand, the United Nations can offer technical advice to regional organizations that are involved in peacekeeping operations of their own.

  1. Co-deployment

In a recent interview, the head of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) commented that the members are not contributing with the amount needed by the division, making it difficult for the Organization to be an effective peace force in places where field missions are necessary. Co-deployment might be a good solution to tackle these problems. The United Nations have asked for the Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS to help in Liberia, and also in Georgia, when the Community of Independent States (CIS) was also asked to help.

  1. Joint Operations

Joint Missions is different of co-deployment because it concerns also the staffing, direction and financing of missions. The most effective example of joint operations is the case of the combined work between the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS) in Haiti. The mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, has received support from the regional organization and also the attention of the countries in the region. Such model ought be implemented in other missions because it shares important responsibilities with regional organizations, being a more effective way to deal with the situation.


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